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Tuloy ang bakbakan ngayong July 23! Philippine Wrestling Revolution takes over Bayanihan Center with its return-to-Kapitolyo show dubbed PWR LIVE: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, featuring Chris Panzer, Jake De Leon, John Sebastian, Billy Suede, and all your favorite PWR stars. Here are all the stellar matches you can look forward to on the big day. Bakbakan na!

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Chris Panzer (c) vs. “Beautiful” Billy Suede

This is not the first time these two men will be going toe-to-toe in a PWR ring to fight to become Kampeon ng Pilipinas. In fact, just last month, former ECCW Champ Billy Suede almost won Philippine wrestling’s top prize from Chris Panzer had it not been for PWR General Manager Mr. Sy’s watchful eye. The Beautiful One had locked in a dirty pin on Panzer, prompting Mr. Sy to reset the match on the spot — which the Leader of the Panzer Army won clean.

This loss was not taken lightly by the Filipino-Canadian. But being the fair GM that he is, Mr. Sy granted Suede another shot at the PWR Championship which he had to re-earn by beating the Pinoy Tecnico in a #1 Contender’s Match. And the next time he goes up against the champ, Billy swears (no pun intended) he’ll make sure he’ll F***ing win.

PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Chino Guinto (c) vs. Ken Warren

It’s the Golden Boy versus the Millennial Posterboy. It’s Chino Guinto versus Ken Warren for the Philippine Hybrid X Championship.

Fun fact: Ken Warren was crowned the inaugural PHX Champion when he won the title back in 2015. Since then, the PHX Championship has been handed down along a long line of champions that have helped showcase what true Philippine Hybrid wrestling is all about. Now, Ken Warren finds himself back in the PHX Championship circuit and is seeking to take back his coveted gold from its current bearer Chino Guinto.

Guinto has yet to have a field day as champ. But now that he’s resolved “network issues” with his boss James “Idol” Martinez who has been jealous of his downline’s successes, at least now Guinto can focus on defending his gold.



To say that Yohann and Logan Ollores hate The Network’s stinking guts would be an understatement. After losing at PWR Renaissance, James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III stole — not won — the PWR Tag Team titles from The YOLO Twins in a show of force. So we do not blame the YOLOs for wanting to sue the hell out of The Network. But with PWR being a wrestling brand, we’d rather see the two teams beat the living snot out of each other in a wrestling ring. And if The Network really want to keep the Tag Titles for themselves, they’ll have to do it the right way. So at PWR LIVE: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, hayaan nating magbakbakan ang dalawang koponan na ito for the PWR Tag Team Championship.

MATIRA MATIBAY: Ralph Imabayashi vs. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon


At PWR Renaissance, we all witnessed the stellar 3-Way Championship Match between Chris Panzer, Ralph Imabayashi, and Jake De Leon. We also witnessed just how much Imabayashi and De Leon hated each other’s guts and wanted to beat each other up to a pulp, that they both lost sight of their true goal: take the title from Panzer. In the words of the Filipino-Japanese Sensation, there is no way himself or The Senyorito will be able to get their hands on the PWR Championship if either of them is standing in each other’s way. The only way for this to end is by destroying each other.

And so at PWR LIVE: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, magbabakbakan sina Ralph Imabayashi at Jake De Leon sa pinaka-unang Matira Matibay Match sa Philippine wrestling.

The match will be guided by these three rules:

1) The only way to win is by 10 COUNT or REFEREE STOPPAGE.

2) No Pinfalls. No Submissions.

3) Count Out and Disqualification rules apply.

Ang pinakamatibay lang ang matitira.

ALL OUT WAR: The Apocalypse vs. Trian Dela Torre

The big bad Apocalypse has had it with “The Miniature Boy” Trian Dela Torre after coming out 0-2 in their latest outing. But if the 5-foot-flat Midget Champ wants to keep playing, he’ll have to do so in kapre rules. And so when these two (umm, one-and-a-half?) men meet again in the ring at PWR LIVE: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, it’s going to be ALL OUT WAR. No DQs. No countouts. No holds barred. Or should we say #SmallOutWar?

FIGHTERS 4 HIRE vs. John Sebastian & Peter Versoza

The band is back together: John Sebastian and Peter Versoza have teamed up to take on the Fighters 4 Hire, Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax. And if you don’t already know, these 4 men are notorious for breaking out the biggest, baddest brawls in Philippine wrestling. Especially at PWR Renaissance just last month, the same cast of troublemakers tore down Playland Fisher Mall when they broke in a scuffle that involved kendo sticks, chairs, and (un)lucky audience members getting thrown around. The fight broke out after Sebastian interrupted Versoza and Rosales’ match to prove with one swift blow, that if he can carry Philippine Wrestling Revolution on his shoulders, he too can burn it to the ground. But if we’ve learned anything from pro-wrestling, it’s that no fight gets settled until it’s done inside the squared circle.

PLUS: Punk Dolls vs. Kakaibros, Vlad Sinnsyk vs. SANDATA, and many more!


Do not miss the action of PWR LIVE: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan on July 23rd, 2 PM, at the UNILAB Bayanihan Center where you can catch all your favorite PWR stars, grab exclusive merchandise, and be one with the Revo-Nation.

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