PWR Live – August 15, 2015

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion

PWR Live: Wrevolution X Fallout


After the highly successful Wrevolution X event this past May 2015, boasting a packed arena with attendance numbers of over 550 hyped professional wrestling fans, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution is coming back stronger than ever. How you ask? They will be holding their first ever PWR Live event this coming August 15, 2015 at Makati Cinema Square. The PWR Live event is the embodiment of PWR’s passion and tenacity to bring the Filipino pro wrestling community even more wrestling goodness as this will only be the first out of a continuous string of PWR Live events to come in the near future and beyond. On this first PWR Live event, however, it will not only feature the fallout coming from the shocking events that transpired at Wrevolution X but it will also feature a few new faces and even a tournament for a brand new division that will eventually crown a new champion.


PWR Terminus

PHILIPPINE HYBRID X Championship Tournament


The General Manager of PWR, Mr. Sy, has just recently announced that PWR will be instituting a brand new division in the promotion which will be called PHILIPPINE HYBRID X, or PHX for short. The PHX division, as indicated in the name, will feature a hybrid of all the styles that the premiere wrestlers of PWR have to offer including, but not limited to, lucha libre, catch-as-catch-can, technical wrestling, and puroresu. With a weight limit of 180 lbs., the PHX division will surely spice things up in PWR and the following will be the 4 matchups featuring the 8 PHX championship tournament competitors that will take place at PWR Live:

  1. Mayhem Brannigan vs. Miguel Rosales
  2. “The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren vs. Joey Bax
  3. SANDATA vs. Chris Panzer
  4. Peter Versoza vs. Ralph Imabayashi

Who will rise up above the rest?



Mark D. Manalo Bootcamp Open Challenge


As stated in an interview taken in July, the protector of Brgy. 69 Kanto Tinio St., Kanto Terror, will be out of action for the upcoming PWR Live show but nonetheless, he will be in the corner of his protégé, the lovable Mark D. Manalo. In the same interview conducted in July, Mark D. Manalo has called upon the challenge any of the current PWR Bootcampers to see if they have what it takes to beat him in what he has dubbed the Mark D. Manalo Bootcamp Open Challenge. Being a product of PWR Bootcamp himself under the watchful, yet often drunken, eye of Kanto Terror, PWR’s resident promdiis looking to help develop the new crop of talent in PWR as well as to prove himself in singles action.


PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion

Bombay Suarez vs. John Sebastian


At PWR Live, Bombay Suarez will be meeting John Sebastian for the first time ever in one-on-one action and we can assure you this match will not be pretty. After the PWR championship match at Wrevolution X, John Sebastian sneaked in the ring and attacked both Bombay and Jake De Leon to help his king, “Classical” Bryan Leo, cash in his title opportunity against a weary Jake De Leon. To make sure Bombay wouldn’t interfere with the match, John Sebastian brawled with him at ringside buried him in a heap of Monobloc chairs. Being the badass that he is, Bombay didn’t take to that too kindly at all and challenged John Sebastian to this match at PWR Live which John Sebastian accepted. Will the Jack of the Royal Flush be able to put Bombay away with his Killshot or will the Heart and Soul of PWR hit John Sebastian with the KOTD and shout out his iconic catchphrase, “KILL THIS B****!”


 PWR Live Poster


PWR Championship: “Classical” Bryan Leo vs. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon


In the main event of the first ever PWR Live, it will be the current champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo, defending his PWR championship against the former champion, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. At Wrevolution X, Jake De Leon was able to defeat Bombay Suarez in the first ever PWR Championship match and become the first ever PWR Champion. Earlier that night, however, “Classical” Bryan Leo was able to outlast Mayhem Brannigan in their ironman match and not only did he get a restraining order against Mayhem for 365 days, but he got a PWR title shot at any time he wanted. After the hard hitting PWR championship, Bryan Leo siezed the opportunity and cashed in his title shot on an exhausted Jake De Leon and with a little help from John Sebastian, he pinned JDL to become the second PWR champion in history. The story for the PWR championship match at PWR Live is simple: Jake De Leon wants the PWR championship back from the man who took it from him, Bryan Leo. Will the master of Minimum Wage and Maximum Rage be able to overcome “Classical” Bryan Leo to become a two-time PWR champion or will the King of the Royal Flush continue his First World reign of dominance as the PWR champion?


PWR Live will be held on August 15th at the Makati Square Arena in Makati Cinema Square. Doors will open at 6pm and bell time will be 7pm. Tickets are now available at Rumpus Room and the Appraisery located in Cubao Expo at Php 250 each. Tickets will still also be sold at the event at Php 250. We hope to see you there for a night full of fun, excitement, and professional wrestling action.


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WIM Pictures by: Hub Pacheco and Martin Vicencio

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