Put Your Mathematics Skills to Test at the Inter-Bloc Math Quiz 2019!

On the 10th of September this 2019, freshmen from different colleges of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna will brawl to gain the title of being the best bloc. This is not an ordinary brawl. This brawl is for champions who are to be proclaimed victorious based on their intellect and wit on different field of mathematics.

SAM-UP’s Inter-block Math Quiz is a yearly event and once in a lifetime opportunity that new freshmen of the university should not miss. IBMQ is an annual mathematics quiz contest open to all new freshmen students of UPLB which aims to test and enhance the players’ mathematical proficiency. Moreover, to further enrich and disclose bonds within blocs through working together in IBMQ’s thrilling competition. Last year’s IBMQ 2018 was the return of IBMQ in the grounds of UPLB in which around 400 new freshmen joined and gave their shot on winning the cash prize and the bragging rights of proving one’s greatness in the field of mathematics. Similarly, this year, the same number of students are expected to battle each other until one bloc emerges victorious.

Elimination Phase:

The start of IBMQ 2019 will be on September 10, the Elimination phase. This will be held at the College of Arts and Sciences Annex 2 Multi-Purpose Halls 1 and 2 where 400 freshmen will take the written exam to determine who will advance to the next level. They must answer the exam within a given time limit and they are not allowed to use any calculating devices or mobile phones. Among the maximum of 120 teams consisting of at most 3 members, only the highest combined average scores of 15 team will get the table to advance to the Final Round to be able to get a chance to win the grand prize of P4500 and the IBMQ perpetual trophy.

Final Phase:

The Final Phase, which is scheduled on September 12, will test the smartest of the smart among aspiring UPLB mathematicians. The Final Phase is divided into 3 rounds namely: Mental, Pen-and-Paper, and Jeopardy. The mental round includes mathematical questions that the participants need to answer mentally, while in pen-and-paper round the participants will be allowed to use pen and paper in solving more challenging problems. Jeopardy round, on the other hand, is where the remaining participants will bet coins to answer the questions. If they answer it correctly, the bet coins will multiply accordingly to the difficulty of the questions. The team who got the highest total number of coins after this 3 rounds will be announced as this year’s IBMQ winner and will get a cash prize of up to P5000 along with medals and certificates for the 1st prize, 2nd, and 3rd.

How to join?

All UPLB freshmen can join IBMQ 2019. Interested new freshmen students can register at the math building lobby, or through online registration at insert link. The registration fee costs P150. Get ready to play the greatest game of your lives, new freshmen!

Society of Applied Mathematics of UPLB


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