#PuppyLove: Students Writes Crazy Long Letter for His Girlfriend



Ahhh. Declarations of love. They make different people feel different things when they witness them. One thing’s for sure in my case, though: when a lot of effort is involved, they make me want to applaud them and share their effort with the world. While most of the time, I tend to share these things out of bitterness; this time, I am doing it merely because it makes me miss high school and the hope that comes with intensely crazy puppy love. <3

Check out the ultra long letter that this guy┬áwrote for his girlfriend. Word on the Internet says he wrote it for her for their fourth monthsary. We have no idea who this guy or his girlfriend are and merely found this photo circulating on the Internet, though, so if you know who owns it and who to credit, please do let us know, so we can credit them properly. ­čÖé [UPDATE: His name is Vince Ison. ­čÖé ]

high school effort


Our favorite line? “Wag┬ákang mag-alala, by, ┬áikaw lang babae sa buhay ko. Wala akong nilalandi maliban sayo. <3″ [Rough translation: Don’t worry, baby, you’re the only girl in my life. I don’t flirt with anyone but you. <3″

What do you think of this? What’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever done for or experienced from a significant other? Share your stories with us! ­čÖé