PUP-CAFA BS Interior Design Graduating Class 2014 Unveiled the World of Ethereal

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Architecture and Fine Arts BS Interior Design Graduating Class of 2014 has officially opened themystical doors of the Ethereal to the public as they introduce 12 residential spaces inspired by the long-forgotten mythical creatures of the Filipino folklore.

Featuring the ingenuity and allure of Filipino designs through incorporating the often-feared Filipino mythical creatures, each of the designed space propounded feasible design implements providing creative new ideas and totally comfortable interior ambiance.

IMG_3606 PUP-CAFA BS Interior Design Graduating Class 2014 Unveiled the World of Ethereal


In Ethereal, every booth tells a tale of its own through imaginative interior concepts and unique accent pieces. The Goddesses Mayari, Hanan and Tala Breakfast Area provided a diverse setting of shapes to symbolize the Sun, Moon and Starswith the bird cage droplight centerpiece and different display of greenery as accents; the Santelmo Dining Room implemented a unique dining space plan and provided a creative interplay of shapes and forms accentuated by the hanging ball chair and a unique infinity mirror that represented a different dimension;the Bakunawa Home Theater employed geometric-inspired design that signified the sea dragon’s skin, moon-like overhead light, and comfortable seating, thus, providing an exceptional interior overtone with its play of light, color and texture; the Sarimanok Kitchen Area conveyed the colourful features of the mythical bird from the multi-colored, wavy patterned kitchen cabinets lingering to the ceiling and  floor design, and the clever furniture and accent details; the Aghoy Living Room presented a character interior providing a magnificent syndicated play of form and organic ambiance with a visually enticing ceiling as a sculptural accent;the Sirena Toilet and Bathroom offered an innovative treatment of a t&b space with smooth curved lines and texture, and making use of tahong shells on its design; the Puting Duwende Kid’s Playroom presented a three-part “wonderland” space with soft and lovely colors, thus, providing a distinct interior and magical experience for kids; the Manaul Study Area features its inspiration of  a bird’s nest implemented all over the interior with custom-built furniture pieces, and perfect choice of accessories; the Tikbalang Den provided a relaxing one-off experience with uniquely conglomerated functional and aesthetic details accentuated with the wire-framed grand piano, horse-inspired niches, a tree accent piece with branches streaming along the ceiling, and the 5-meter water feature, all but with one inspiration; the Diwata Home Spa gives a revitalizing ambiance with its play of colours, texture, and overall nature-inspired decorations; the Bathala Home Office provided aheavenly feel and unique visual pleasure with a harmonious combination of classical furniture, royal details and function, and the soft intricacies signifying its highness; and the Malakas at Maganda Master’s Bedroom applied rich textures, colors and light not only provided a beautiful interior ensemble  but significantly tells their story in a subtle interior design way.





These 12 extraordinary interior designs,all centered with the rich Filipino heritage and culture, are dedicated to raise awareness and appreciation of our own Philippine folk literature, will be displayed and open for everyone to see and experience at the SM City Fairview, Annex Bldg., Lower Ground level, from March 22, 2014 to April 4, 2014. Professionals, interior design students and enthusiasts are especially invited to come see PUP CAFA BSID’s upcoming young additions to the design industry, along with their works in this year’s the most creative and innovative interior design student exhibit — ETHEREAL.


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PUP-CAFA BS Interior Design Graduating Class 2014 Unveiled the World of Ethereal 

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