15 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Cards That’ll Work On Anyone

Need some inspiration to win the love of your life? Completely lost when it comes to words? Or maybe you just forgot to prepare for Valentine’s Day and are scrambling for gifts?

(Exciting Gifts to Give Your Partner to Spice Up Your Love Life)

Whatever your reason for being here is, we don’t judge — we’re only here to help. So check out these 15 Valentines to find the one that’s perfect for you:

Something for the dog-obsessed:

Credit: keipopnation.com

A little Disney goes a long way:

Credit: howtogettheladies.tumblr.com

Credit: sassyfatty.tumblr.com

If magic is more to their taste:

Credit: benkling.tumblr.com

Something for the musically inclined:

Credit: benkling.tumblr.com

Nothing says ‘romance’ like mutant powers:

Credit: Keely Flaherty/Buzzfeed

Credit: Keely Flaherty/Buzzfeed

Mean Girls is always a classic:

Credit: Loryn Brantz

Who can say ‘no’ to a cute bunny rabbit?:

Credit: tehcute.com

Alternatively — Who can say no to a cute totoy Zac Efron?:

Or maybe if EDM is more their speed:

Something for the film snobs:

Credit: JenniferLewis

Credit: JenniferLewis

And my personal favorite:

Share your own with us in the comments!

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