Public Service: Let’s Help This Volunteer Raise Funds for Her Rescued Dogs

A pet volunteer is asking for monetary support to help pay her rescued dogs’ veterinary charges.

On the Netizen’s initial post, she said:


The supposedly fosterer of this poor dog backed out since we just found out today that his mange is demodectic, it means it ‘s contagious so he needs special care and be isolated from other pets. I was feeling down upon hearing it but I’m not losing hope for this sweet fella. He is my first and personal rescue. He’s the reason why I started helping in rescuing other animals in need and thus created this group.

I’m hoping this poor dog wouldn’t just stay at vet for the rest of his life. His bill is increasing too the longer he stays there.

**₱12, 100 – the latest bill I received last May 26, 2016

**bill changes prior to confinement fee per day and additional medications administered

Give him another chance in life, please volunteer to foster (we will provide dogfood monthly).  I will ask his vet for more latest photos of him.

Thank you

volunteer asks for money

According to the volunteer Dessa Mae Regudo, this poor dog is one their rescues. Actually, he is Dessa’s first rescue and he was badly neglected and emaciated. She confirmed that the dog is already 14 years old and undergoing treatment at the moment.

pet volunteer

Moreover, Dessa also shared that the charges are already piling up and she’s having a hard time paying it off. Chuchi was diagnosed with demodectic mange, which means contagious to other pets so, he really needs special care.

“I feel sorry for him really since he deserved to have a good retirement not like this,” Dessa said during the interview.

Here’s how we can help her:


Remember Chuchi? The terribly emaciated dog that was neglected by his owners in Caloocan. We rescued him last May 14. Chuchi is doing fine now at vet and is undergoing medications for his full recovery. This morning I received his latest bill from MACE clinic. Hopefully guys you can help us pay his vet bills.

3,000 paid to vet
12,100 owing to vet as of May 26, 2016

I attached his billing statements with this post. Please help me pay his bills, donate any amount to:

Paypal to (Paypal fee minimum $7/P250) or Bank deposit to Unionbank Savings/ Acc #: 100596104850 Dessa Mae Ragudo

Thank you

Original post here:

By the way, since we believe in the power of community, When In Manila has a new community page specially made for our wonderful furbabies and obedient dogs, When In Manila Pets. You may check it out here.

Truthfully, social media has been proven an effective platform to raise awareness about proper care for animals. Hopefully, this article will help her.


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