Psyka PH: This Rock Band from Zamboanga is Inspired by Conspiracies

Are you looking for new music to listen to this year? How about some OPM? If you love rock, then you might want to check out Psyka PH. Psyka PH is a rock band from Zamboanga City that was formed in 2017 by Connor Payne Young (vocals) , Christian Catain (keys) , Epoi Ventula (bass) , Eldrich Saculingan (drums), and Jhenno Mojica (guitars).

The band enjoys making music and playing video games, as well as reading and watching conspiracies about science, space, extraterrestrial fantasies, and other weird stuff. In fact, this is where they get most of their ideas for their songs. Check out their first single here:

If you like that, you’ll be happy to hear that the band will be releasing an EP this 2019 called Sunset on Mars for and by space kids who think different from the norm. Check them out on Spotify and iTunes!

Psyka PH


Instagram: @psykaphmusic

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