Psycolorgy: How Colors Affect Your Everyday Life

Words and Photos by WIMterns Blew David and Ivy Li.

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Red, yellow, and blue: these are the primary colors that make up all of the other colors around us. Without it, life wouldn’t be as fun or as exciting. Colors are often taken for granted.

Today, we tend to be so busy that we forget to appreciate the beauty and importance of colors around us – and this was exactly what the Psycolorgy workshop tried to change.

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Last July 30, 2016, the first series of the Psycolorgy workshop happened at The Business Center in Banawe, Quezon City. This workshop is neither a psychotherapy session nor an art class, though (even though it may look that way because you’ll be painting on the shirts that they provide).

No; instead, it’s a session where you can express yourself, have fun, and even make new friends.

Most importantly, it is a workshop that makes you understand what colors mean and how they affect your life.

The goal of the first workshop was to help us understand that we should appreciate beauty behind chaos. It helped us ask ourselves: when was the last time we looked at the sky and appreciated the sunset? When was the last time we sat back and allowed the colors around us to calm us down?

The workshop was definitely a memorable experience; it was fun and relaxing at the same time, and we met new friends. The best part was: we were able to eat and make our own warm cups of coffee while getting creative!

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“Convey what you think through colors even if you’re living in the metro.” The in-house psychologist also told us to take time to relax and put more colors in our lives by simply adjusting the aesthetics of our work desk. It was fun to know the different meanings, moods, and effects of colors in daily living. By learning this, we can now adjust our choices to suit how we feel and how we want to feel.

The workshop package includes snacks, a pre-printed shirt, art brushes, textile paint, an apron-bag, and a wooden palette for the textile paint. This workshop lasts for four hours and includes a therapeutic session with an in-house psychologist.

We felt giddy. Being in the workshop felt like being children again. There’s no pressure into painting a masterpiece like that of Van Gogh’s. You get into a relaxed mood. You relax and listen to the soothing music playing background. You allow yourself to explore and be creative.

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