PSY is the First Asian Artist to Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube

In 2014, PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ video broke YouTube’s counter. Well, he has just set another record on the site, passing 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and at the same time becoming the very first Asian solo artist to actually reach that milestone. To commemorate the occasion, he was given the Diamond Creator award from YouTube, after which PSY promised to become more active on the video-streaming site.


While most people still connect PSY to his older songs, like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ (the former of which got more than 800 million hits in 2012 and became the most-viewed video on YouTube at the time), PSY actually released his eighth full-length album earlier this month. In fact, two of his new songs, ‘New Face’ and ‘I Luv It’ already have around 35 million views on YouTube. Well-deserved, PSY!

Who is your favorite YouTube artist at the moment? 🙂