“PSST: Huli ka!” A Seminar about Guerrilla Advertising

“PSST: Huli ka!” A Seminar about Guerrilla Advertising

In the advertising industry, there will always be a search for something new to catch consumers’ attention, this hunger for new things gives the industry new opportunities to communicate with us. Over the past years, Advertising strives to be far more interactive than before, giving birth to new media like the internet, OOH(Out of Home) and of course, Guerrilla Advertising. Guerrilla Advertising was once used only by small and medium-scale businesses to cut expenses, but due to its efficiency it is also being utilized today by large-scale brands like Coca-cola, McDonalds, Nike and more. The term Guerilla Advertising came from the Spanish word “Guerrilla” which means  “little war”, Guerrilla pertains to a smaller force fighting against a bigger force, using sabotage, ambush, hit and run and all other unconventional tactics to inflict damage to their enemies caught by surprise. The Philippines are no strangers in this unusual tactic, during the World War II under the government of President Ramon Magsaysay, farmers of Central Luzon formed an anti-Japanese Guerrilla movement called “Hukbong Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon or Hukbalahap.” As the time passes by, a new set of Guerrillas engages to another war, but this time in the form of Guerrilla Ads, Marketing and Advertising firms came up with a strategy to produce low-cost, attention catching and thought provoking ads using unconventional media with the objective to win the war of getting the attention of consumers against all traditional Advertising methods, done through a highly creative approach wherein the Ad is creatively placed or made to blend in as a common act or material in the crowd to create buzz, trend and be viral.  1stambay (Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations, 4th year section 1S) is using that link to create the coolest seminar this 2015, the team is giving the seminar a Filipino streets vibe to give that 1stambay touch. The team will also be using “PSST” a common expression used by Filipino bystanders  to generally get someone’s attention as the title, use it as an acronym to describe Guerilla Advertising, coming up with the meaning “Pambihirang Strategy na Siguradong Tawag-pansin”, with the tagline “Huli ka!” incorporating Guerrilla Ads’ ability to not just get, but to capture consumers’ attention.

This 2015, 1stambay, with the supervision of Professor Neo Patawaran gives you “PSST: Huli ka!” A Seminar about Guerilla Advertising, under the 13th PUP-Advertising Student Congress Entitled AdBurst: Idea Explosion. It will be held on January 6, 2015, 2:00pm-7:00pm at the Bulwagang Balagtas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Grab the opportunity to learn through the great minds of creative directors from prominent advertising companies and enjoy lots of freebies and entertainment as well.

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“PSST: Huli ka!” A Seminar about Guerrilla Advertising

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