PSME Month 2015: “δELTA: Illuminating the Past, Maneuvering the Future


Change is coming your way.

One of the largest mechanical engineering events in the nation returns this September as the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – University of the Philippines Student Unit (PSME-UPSU) celebrates its 22nd year of foundation in PSME Month 2015.

Themed “∂ELTA: Illuminating the Past, Maneuvering the Future,” PSME Month 2015 highlights PSME-UPSU’s birth and achievements through the years, and schemes the future as the organization continues to serve mechanical engineering students all over the country.

Come, and be part of the celebration’s Grand Launch in Melchor Hall Lobby on September 1, 2015. The grand exhibit featuring PSME-UPSU’s shining past will be waiting to greet you while you enjoy free pizza and drinks from our Grand Pakain.

Get ready to push your brain to its limits. This September 5, teams of high school students will duke it out in our challenging quiz show BrainMEsh Inter-High. And on September 18, we will take it up a notch to university level in BrainMEsh Inter-U. Don’t miss the mind-bending battles, all happening in Melchor Hall.

On September 12, PSME student units from Metro Manila and nearby provinces will come together in the Amoranto Sports Complex to compete in the spirit of camaraderie. Skill, teamwork, and intellect will be tested in their battle to be the champ. Watch them hit it out in our very own sports festival, PSME Cup.

Delegates from universities and colleges all over will gather in [venue] for one of the biggest student congregation in the Philippines. The attendees will integrate with professors and professionals of mechanical engineering and discover opportunities relevant to their chosen field. Open your mind to the wonder and possibilities on September 19 in the National Mechanical Engineering Students’ Convergence.

And to end the month-long celebration, PSME-UPSU will honor its distinguished members and alumni who have worked to keep the organization thriving. We look back on the past and celebrate the future in the PSME Alumni Homecoming on October 3.

Change is coming to your doorstep. Join PSME-UPSU as it shines light on our yesterday, and drives forward to our wonderful tomorrow.

“Move fast. Move now. Keep PSME in motion.”

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