PSA: Stop Trying To Pay For Things With Likes and Shares

The internet has been taken by storm by a new Facebook gimmick: people are now trying to buy stuff online with likes and shares! It may have seemed cute at first when we saw the first post about it & a big brand who agreed but after the last 50++ posts trying the same thing, it wasn’t as cute anymore. Now, brands are speaking out:


Source: Snapsacks Facebook Page

Full text reads:

Okay guys, as much as we appreciate your love for our bags, this epidemic of blatantly asking for FREE STUFF is getting out of hand. We have received countless messages like these the past week (from kids to parents – why are you setting a bad example for your children dear parents?) so we have decided to create this post to finally put a STOP TO THIS. 

If you want something so bad, strive to earn for it. Don’t rely on freeloading. Don’t capitalize on small time businesses. In short, Don’t Us. Please knock some sense into your heads.

In case you didn’t know, we are actually holding a GIVEAWAY – the right way. Please join this instead.

Click ->

Please stop this epidemic of laziness and famewhoring yourselves. We do not want you to promote our page in this manner. Share our page because you love our stuff, not because you want to get free bags.

Peace out guys!

Another cafe, The Bunny Baker, says “just say no.”


Source: The Bunny Baker Cafe

Full text reads:


There’s a disturbing trend nowadays of people sending ‘challenges’ to businesses asking for goods or services in exchange for social media Likes, Comments, and Shares. Recently we had a post featuring such a request that went viral. We’ve since deleted that post (it was our most popular post ever at over 50k Likes!) because we felt it detracted from the message and it was getting hard to go through all the comments.

The bottom line is that we believe in hard work.

We believe that people need to work hard to get things they want, to work hard to earn money for things they want to buy. Social media Likes & Shares are cheap and easy to buy, and they also don’t translate directly to sales. These can be good for brand awareness, but that is very fleeting and you’re not assured you’re hitting the right target audience.

Hitting the right audience is important because they’re the ones most likely to buy your product. People who LIKE and SHARE posts asking for free stuff are NOT the people who will buy your product. People who LIKE and SHARE those posts also want things for free. Giving away things for free will put you out of business.

We are trying to teach our kids to work for the things they want, so they don’t grow up asking things for free. Sometimes, when they ask us to buy them something, we say NO. This is why, when some people asked us for a cake in exchange for Likes, Comments, and Shares, we said ‘No.’

Work for what you want. Respect businesses and don’t try to buy their products or services with Likes, Comments, and Shares.

Bunny Baker even took it a step further:

Likes, Shares, and Comments. Let’s do it.

Get this post to 100,000 Likes and we’ll donate 500 cupcakes or a multi-tier customized cake to a good cause. You need to put your suggestion in the comments below.

We’ll choose the best cause — from your favorite orphanage or charity — and we’ll work something out. 


We need your help to do this. 

Let’s make some people smile.

Do you agree with this sentiment?


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