PSA: P2P Buses in the North Moves to Eton Centris

p2p eton centris

The P2P Premium Bus Service announced that they will be moving their North hub at Eton Centris.

On a Facebook post, the administration said that:

With effective July 15, 2017, Froehlich Tours Inc. will move its P2P terminal at Eton Centris to Centris Station (below Quezon Ave. MRT Station).

With this strategic move, Froehlich Tours Inc. will continue to decongest the current Trinoma terminal and to encourage more commuters to use the new Eton Centris facilities, which will cater 50% additional seat capacity with effective July 15, 2017, in combination with 80 additional daily departures.

In the near future, Froehlich Tours Inc. will remove capacities from SM North and Trinoma and transfer to Eton Centris which provide the P2P services a modern and state of the art terminal facility in where we can handle higher passenger volumes in a shorter period of time and offer our passengers more surrounding amenities.

Are you taking the P2P bus from the North? Share with us your experiences!