‘Prospective’: TOMCAT – UST’s ‘On Campus: A TOMCAT Original’ Finale Episode Is Out Now

By Bea Paguia and Bianca Resuta


TOMCAT – UST released its own digital series late last year entitled “On Campus: A TOMCAT Original” which storyline was centered around four Thomasian students facing their own struggles while trying to excel in various aspects of their lives. The series aimed to comfort students who are struggling in different ways during the peak of the pandemic and are trying to adjust in the online learning setup. 


After four successful episodes which have given justice to every character’s life story, the fifth and last episode entitled ‘Prospective’ is out now. The episode shows how one’s goals and aspirations may be achieved and how sometimes we get there in unexpected ways.


Aidee So, who plays Aden in the series, expressed her gratitude for her experience saying, “I’m very much honored to have brought to life the character of Aden Gonzales and will always be grateful for being part of this production. I have learned so much throughout the making of this series, and I hope that we were able to bring comfort to those experiencing similar struggles through our characters. Know that your feelings are valid, yakap [hug]!”


Patrick Tuico, who plays Sam also shared, “Portraying the role of Sam Tuazon was definitely a challenge for me since we have completely different personalities but a great production team helped me bring out the best in me. It was an honor for me to show the story of Sam Tuazon to the whole Thomasian community dahil kwento rin nila ito [because this is also their story]; all the characters represent the story of every Thomasian. Sending hugs to all Sam, Aden, Ash, and Max in real life!”


Joseph Atabay, who plays the happy-go-lucky Ash in the series said, “On Campus became an avenue to convey a message of love, friendship, ambition and dreams to all Thomasians. It is an experience that reminded me where I am and who I want to be, Ash, a loving son and friend.”


Despite the hindrances and limitations brought about by the pandemic, the members of TOMCAT – UST have manifested their passion and talents into producing a series that depicts the lives of students overcoming every hurdle that has come their way.


Head over now to TOMCAT – UST’s official Facebook and Youtube page and watch the finale episode of On Campus: A TOMCAT Original.