Promoting Collaboration to Facilitate Digital Transformation of Organizations in the Philippines

As the research around digital transformation grows at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding straightforward solutions to companies’ encounters and hardships can become a challenge. That’s why Busybee together with JCI – Perlas Pasay, Rotaract Club of San Antonio de Padua, Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park, ASEAN Youth Organization – Philippines, Asian- African Chambers of Commerce and Industry,, The Philippine Star, Business World, ABS-CBN News Channel, DZMM TeleRadyo, and When In Manila put together a three-part Webinar series, “Coping with the Accelerated Digitalization: Empowering Organizations with Digital Tools” — to provide the most valuable and up-to-date information about digital transformation all in one place. More than five thousand known professionals and individuals from concerned government agencies and the private sector joined and established a cohesive and integrated strategic action in order to help and educate organizations on how to rapidly innovate and take advantage of new digital tools and leverage digital services to emerge from the pandemic crisis.

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Over the course of the three Webinars, presentations and discussions demonstrated the technology’s strategic importance as a critical component of our businesses and not just a source of cost efficiencies in order to stay competitive in this new business and economic environment. The first part of the series focused on the topics on SMS and Viber Marketing, and the e-commerce and web development with speakers and panelists from the National Economic Development Authority Dr. Dexter Galban, MyBusybee, Inc. head of AI Chatbot development team Bench Cosme, and Zagana CEO Joshua Aragon — who provided insights on how to get the message across the Philippine Archipelago and the future of physical offices and shops post-pandemic. Part two provided the theme: Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot, as well as the virtual event platform which tackled the future of business operations and the new normal approach in hosting events with guest speakers from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Wea Bohol, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Atty. Maria Anthonette Velasco-Allones, and Lamudi Group Philippines CEO Kenneth Stern. The third part covered the topics on cybersecurity and data privacy with panelists and speakers from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Dr. Thelma Villamorel, Busybee’s Cyber Security head Ireneus Laszlo Legeza, and the National Privacy Commission (NPC) Janssen Esguerra, who established awareness on cybersecurity in the Philippines and how organizations can secure its information online. Throughout the whole event, attendees, speakers, and panelists shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions with a mission to help individuals and businesses adapt to digital transformation, ensure business continuity, and continue to deliver public services during this time of crisis and even beyond.

Since its inception in 2009, Busybee has helped build infinite opportunities for the country and the world by harnessing the infinite dynamics of technology and innovation. With technological capabilities constantly advancing and customer expectations are always on the rise, the need to streamline internal efficiencies has been ever-present. Becoming “digital-ready” demands several high-level preparations. Busybee provides an agile digital support strategy and a place for digital in the core business model.



Beginning with mobile, Busybee is one of the few top aggregators in the country, servicing Global OTT clients like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple, Zoom, and a lot more. With its proprietary products in SMS, specifically BrandTxT and PowerBlast, Busybee has become the most trusted and most reliable provider of SMS applications in the country. Busybee BrandTxT is the newest SMS gateway platform that offers a unique form of brand recognition, while at the same time making communication more professional. This platform covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. It boasts a wide range of fully-set and user-friendly web SMS features, along with an API for easy integration with any application and website. BrandTxT is widely used for welcome SMS, payment reminders, announcements, transaction alerts, birthday greetings, and a lot more. “BrandTxT application offers endless possibilities for automated and direct communication to ensure that important notifications are delivered efficiently, securely, and directly to your clients,” Busybee head of sales, Kim Klarisse Almeida said.

In the area of the web, Busybee’s products and services include domain, hosting, VPS, dedicated server, emails, web designs, web development, e-commerce, SSL, web vulnerability, and a lot more. As the top choice of many sensitive government agencies for their website redesign projects, Busybee prides itself as a platinum member of PhilGEPS, an iGov compliant company, and as an official partner of Acunetix and Rapid7.

Busybee assures the quality of its products because of its staff expertise which is composed of veteran developers such as web designers, web developers, graphic designers, QA Specialists, system analysts, software engineers, project managers, and digital marketing specialists. Busybee built its unique and original websites from scratch ranging from simple info sites to complex e-commerce sites.

Aside from its command of all things web, Busybee also delved into software reselling, being an authorized reseller of big global softwares such as Google, Microsoft, QuickBooks, Adobe, Zoom, and many more — making its way to being the top software reseller in the country. To further put its foot into the doors of the future, Busybee is also a player in the world of digital marketing, providing different types of digital marketing services like email marketing, mobile responsive websites, web security, chat messaging, SEO, social media management, and a lot more. As traditional media are slowly becoming obsolete, Busybee steps up to engage in this fast-growing digital media.

Busybee also offers graphic design, photography, and video presentation services. Its design group produces high-quality company logos, business cards, brochures, letterheads, flyers, billboards, and other customized designs that cater to any business’ marketing needs.

To top it all, Busybee offers a platform for virtual events called Busybee VEP, which is the very first virtual event platform in the Philippines with cutting edge event technology engineered by its top senior software architects and developers. The engineering team behind Busybee VEP uses patent holding infrastructure and framework, assured of industry leading security, scalability, world-class user interface, and unmatched customer experience. Its technology has powered events of all sizes, from large international conferences to focused B2B meets in industries ranging from Information Technology, Aerospace to Medicine, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, among many others.

“Our mission is to provide A to Z products and services that are relevant to the current situation of our nation, which is why we always collaborate with government agencies for us to know how our innovation can further facilitate their systems and processes and to offer innovative tools for businesses. The goal is to alleviate the barriers towards digital transformation to ease the evolution of their business model. We believe that companies and agencies alike can further scale up their operation as they go digital. It is also important to note that in order for us to successfully get through this transition, the right mindset and outlook is crucial. Yes, we can harness the benefits offered by technology and utilize it to our advantage instead of gearing away from it,” Busybee CEO Rico Hernandez stated.



By 2023, Busybee aspires that not only the large organizations but also the small and medium-sized enterprises would have adopted the digital revolution and will be considered “digitally determined” or committed to the goal of fully adopting and implementing digital tools via new business models and digital products/services.

“As a home-grown Filipino, I strongly believe that our country can realize its full potential because we have diverse local talents and unique ability to cope with pivotal changes as shown in our history. The digital transformation and online revolution is just one of the many paths our nation can succeed by equipping our workforce with digital skills, and supporting the new generation of startups in their innovation. This is a collective effort,” Mr. Hernandez said.

The end of this Webinar series signaled just the beginning of a new paradigm of impactful projects that will help support the Philippine digital economy and benefit society worldwide.