Prologue: A Night of Creations

“Prologue: A Night of Creations” is an art event organized by newcomer arts collective and production company, Kapengmukha. Kapengmukha, originally known as Coffee Face Productions, started out making short films for film festivals only. Though the films told different stories of hope and love through oppression and darkness, the production company evolved into an arts collective wanting to spread their stories through different mediums. “Prologue: A Night of Creations” is the beginning story of the collective’s mascot “Kapengmukha” as he is born into this world filled with evil and hate. The film, photography, poetry, and music exhibition all depict day to day struggles as humans living in this defeated world.

    The event will feature several artists. For music, singer-songwriters Elise Huang, and Benny Manaligod of The Ridleys will be performing their stories through toned down acoustic sets. Spoken word artist Sofia Paderes will also be performing, as well as newcomer Gracie Que. The photography exhibition contains different visual artists, photographers, and filmmakers, including designer and photographer behind the band Munimuni, Nukie Timtiman. Nukie will be one of the exhibition headliners joined by film photographer Joshua Dy and UK based visual artist Roselle Perez. The main event is the film premiere of  “Almusal: Ang Tatlong Magkakapatid (Breakfast: The Three Siblings)” and “We’re Writing A Book,” directed by 16-year-old director and founder of Kapengmukha, Jaime Morados.

    The event is on August 24, 8 pm at the Upper Chrome of The Monochrome Nuvali. Tickets are only Php 200, inclusive of food and drinks, and will be sold on the day upon entering the show. To know more about Kapengmukha and their event, visit their Facebook page Kapengmukha.

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