Project Organic: There’s Beauty in the Organic with these Skin Care Essentials + a Giveaway!

I am very choosy when it comes to selecting skin care products because I have eczema. Eczema is a condition where the skin tends to dry up and become flaky.

In my case, it happens due to stress, lack of vegetables in the diet, harsh chemicals in skin care products, and low hydration. I get itchy red spots on my skin that last for a week, leaving dark spots when they’re healed. I have fair skin so just imagine how I look like. I can really pass up for a human dalmatian.

But I can’t let this hinder my goal in achieving a flawless, younger looking skin, can I? I am in my 30s and yes, age lines and wrinkles are starting to become visible already.

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The Solution

Project Organic skin care essentials got this covered for me. From the name itself, the ingredients for their products are all organic. Yes, I fell in love with their products because they’re just perfect for my sensitive skin. So When in Manila and you’re on the lookout for local organic skin care products, I highly recommend this one.


But before I get on with the essentials, let me just give a little background. Founder Yani Bascara shared that Project Organic is her personal skin care line which is a product of her zest for beauty and makeup. She shares, “the products were inspired by our backyard garden. We had a ton of herbs growing around that my mom tended to organically. By taking raw ingredients, we artfully combined refined, pure and organic oils, to create effective products.”

The ingredients they used for their products were all locally produced, although some were imported from USA, Dubai, and Australia.

So let’s start first with Project Organic’s Face Mist. Using this product brightens your skin and makes your face looking fresh and radiant. It has a very refreshing lemon-like scent and contains vitamin C, rose water, argan oil, and other essential oils.

ProjectOrganicFace Mist, Php 500

You can apply this by shaking the bottle well then spraying on the face from at least six inches away, and allowing it to dry before putting any makeup, moisturizer, or serum.

For the Project Organic’s Face Serum, I love how smooth and light it feels on my skin. It dries up after applying, so it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. It contains almond oil, argan oil, vitamin C, and other essential oils which help in boosting radiance for a revitalized, youthful, and blemish-free skin. I love its minty scent too which has a very calming effect just like an aroma therapy.

ProjectOrganicFace Serum, Php 380

To use the Face Serum, get 3-4 drops and place them on your hands. Rub the product with your fingers to warm it and to allow better absorption before massaging it all over the face in a circular motion, avoiding the eyes.

This is my first time to use guava soap and research showed that guava leaves extract is a very good antibacterial agent that can help treat skin allergies. Project Organic’s Guava Soap contains a concentrated extract of guava leaves blended with essential oils which detoxify and cleanse your skin of any toxins making it blemish and pimple-free.

ProjectOrganicGuava Soap, Php 145

With all the pollution in the city nowadays, exposing our skin to even harsher chemicals might really hasten the aging process. Thus, switching to organic products is the best solution to protect and nourish your skin with all the vitamins and minerals it gives.

Plus, you’re not just getting the best skin care but holistic nourishment as well by paying it forward when you buy their products. How?

The Objective

Project Organic’s objective is not only to provide the best skin care but to form their own NGO by sending most proceeds to a scholarship fund for less fortunate children, provide job opportunities, and build a retreat place called Prayer Haven.


Just a little trivia, they were featured on ANC’s show “Shoptalk” last January 26, 2017 and conducted an outreach program last December at Candelaria, Quezon.

So why not try these products now and achieve a holistic wellness. I assure you that they’re worth your every penny.



BUT WAIT, this is the part where it gets pretty exciting. Project Organic is giving away 1 bottle of their FACE SERUM!

Yes, all yours when you join the contest and follow the mechanics instructed in the Rafflecopter below. Contest runs from July 17 to July 21. The winner will be announced in this article and will be contacted through the details provided once the contest has ended.

So don’t waste a minute, hurry, and start sending those entries now!

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If you want to visit their shop, you can check out their Instagram page or send out your inquiries to their email address:

UPDATED 7/24/2017

Congratulations to our contest winner, Marjorie Ivana Marie C. Radin! the winner will be contacted privately. Thanks to everyone who joined! 🙂