Professional Gym Trainer Shares 5 Tips to Lose All That Holiday Weight

Written by Gabriella Mercado
Photos by Sky Gavin

December is that once-in-a-year holiday month everyone loves—the Christmas bonuses, the festive feels, the gatherings with family and friends. It’s the time of giving and lamon. We give ourselves a break from being on a low-calorie diet and eat all the lechon we can get!

But now that month is over, time to get back on track. What are your resolutions this year? Here’s a suggestion—own 2018 by taking care of your body! Look after it by feeding it healthy foods and doing proper exercise to lessen down and sick days. If you’re looking for some tips to get started on being healthy this 2018, Coach Vin from Curves Gym shares some tips. Read on!

5. Make healthier food choices

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Getting fit is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Feeding your body healthily is really the right way to catapult you to healthier living. Making healthy food choices will lead you to better moods and higher energy levels. Of course, diet is different for everyone. So try out certain diets you think you can handle and go from there. I suggest to try out Intermittent Fasting, which is a type of diet pattern comprised of a fasting and non-fasting cycles. It’s one of the popular diets that work. (I’ve tried it out and am currently on it!)

4. Be consistent


A lot of people workout once a week and leave it there. For you to get that fit body, Curves’ Coach Vin recommend at least hitting the gym 3-4 times a week. For more advance individuals, you can go to the gym 5-6 times a week.

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3. Incorporate rest days

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Rest days are important for your body to recover. If you push yourself hard throughout the week, chances are your muscles will regress and all your hard work would be a waste! Instead of having heavy days all throughout the week, make sure you switch days between lifting lightweights and lift heavyweights. Take your rest days as a time to catch up on your work or maybe your favorite TV Shows.

2. Check your heart rate


This is a tip that is not discussed so often—it is important to check your heart rate. Your heart rate determines whether you are not working hard enough in your workout or are pushing yourself too hard you need to take a rest. The ideal heart rate during workouts is to reach 80%.

To check your heart rate during your workouts, when you take your breaks, count your pulse for 10 seconds. Check the chart below to see whether you’re hitting your 80% mark. If you do, that means you’re doing a good job! But if your heart rate falls at 60% or below the 50% mark, it means you’re not doing enough to push yourself in the workout. And if your heart rate is above the 80% mark, it means you are pushing yourself too hard and need to take a rest.


1. Exercise.


The last tip? You guessed it—exercise. You need to do the work. For the ladies, there’s Curves Gym. Curves Gym is a gym for women (yes it means men are not allowed) and they have multiple branches around Metro Manila. And not to worry—scared of weights? Curves Gym offers hydraulic based equipment, which means the faster you do the movements, the more resistance you would feel.

Ready to face 2018 with confidence? Share your body and health resolutions for this year in the comments!

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