Queer Eye Season 2 Creates More Spaces for Love and Acceptance

Article by: Neil John Vildad

Queer Eye is back for another season of fun, iconic, and life-changing transformations brought by the Fab 5. These five men continue their mission to bring more vibrance and sass to the lives of people through total makeovers in the second season of their show, all while encouraging people to be more open and loving – not just to others, but to themselves as well.

While the show promises to be bigger, bolder, and queerer this season, Queer Eye’s second season, the show delivers a deeper sense of encouragement and love to more people across age groups, race, occupations, and gender. Unlike the first season, which focused mainly on transforming the lives of straight men, the show’s second season catered to a wider set of demographics.

The premiere of the second season is a makeover of a religious woman from the town of Gay in Georgia, something that has never been seen in the show before. The show continues to break the expectations set out for it as a spin-off as it changes the lives of different men across different demographics.

Queer Eye Season 2: Creating More Spaces for Love and Acceptance

By transforming the lives of a wider set of people (not just straight, middle-aged men), the show creates more spaces of acceptance and love for everyone – spaces that come in the form of a house or a community center or a simple place where friends can hang out. More than these physical spaces, the Fab 5 create figurative spaces in the hearts of the people that they are helping and the people that are around them to make room for a bit more love. Not only does the show create literal and figurative spaces for the people they set out to help; they also create a space for growth and realization for their viewers, even if it’s only on a TV or laptop screen.

Queer Eye has definitely come a long way from the original series 15 years ago. The show’s second season is timely, relevant, and ultimately heartwarming. While it is filled with all the glitz and glamor, it also delves into the nitty-gritty of the daily struggles that each faces, queer or straight.

All new eight episodes of Queer Eye Season 2 will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix starting June 15: https://www.netflix.com/queereye


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