PRESS START: Engineering Opening Week 2019

Press Start: Engineering Opening Week 2019 is a weeklong celebration of welcoming the new and old faces of the Engineering student body, faculty, and staff. This Academic year, the UP College of Engineering opens its doors to over 900 freshmen from all around the country. Four major events will be held all throughout the week. We will have the exhibit launch, organization fair, sportsfest, and a culmination night.

PACMAN is the official event launch of the Engineering Opening Week. There will be an exhibit for viewing and as well as games and freebies from our sponsors for students to enjoy.

PALETTE TOWN is the Organization Fair to be held from August 13 to August 15. The College of Engineering houses 38 college and university wide student organizations each with their own culture and advocacies. The Organization Fair gathers all the Engineering Organizations to introduce themselves to the Engineering community especially the incoming freshmen.

SONIC RUSH is the college-wide sports event wherein all students from the eight departments and institutes compete in four sports: basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and e-games. The event aims to foster camaraderie and good sportsmanship among the students.

Lastly, SMASH is the most awaited culmination event of the whole week. The Culmination Night gathers all Engineering freshmen and students for a festive night filled with performances to officially end the Engineering Opening Week. This year’s culmination night will be held at Pop-up Katipunan, on August 15, from 6 pm to 12 am. Several bands such as Sofa Sky, Any Name’s Okay, and The Ridley’s will be performing for the night.

All these events prepared for the engineering community aims to bring the whole college together and make the freshmen feel the camaraderie among the community. Don’t miss this fun-filled week from August 13 to August 15 at the Osmena Ave. See you there, Engineering!

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