Press Hit Play’s New Single, ‘MNLUV’, Will Make You Swoon While Listening to Its Lyrics

Love is a timeless emotion that never goes out of style. And what better way to celebrate it than with the latest hit song from Press Hit Play? Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, it’s never too late to immerse yourself in the euphoric and romantic vibes of their newest single, “MNLUV.”

Powerhouse P-Pop group Press Hit Play is back. Their new single is described as a “euphoric” and feel-good pop love song. The song is about the magic of falling in love with someone special. And after listening to it, the track can be summed up in three words: relatable, dreamy, and romantic.

Press Hit Play MNLUV

L-R: Chrls, Yuuki, JP, and Sev. Photo provided by Press Hit Play

In case you don’t know, Press Hit Play is a pop quartet featuring the diverse talents of Sev, JP, Yuuki & CHRLS. Fusing together the stylings of modern pop, hip-hop, R&B and trap into one explosive package. PHP is not just bringing the party wherever they go; they also have deeper advocacy and goal to redefine and change the game when it comes to being a P-Pop idol group. Coming from different musical backgrounds, the group plays to their collective strengths and skill sets, and as a result, they are now considered one of the powerhouse supergroups in P-POP with a string of hits that include “WIN,” “Tell Me,” “Sambit”, and more. 2023 marks a year of more exciting releases to come from the boys.

According to writer and vocalist JP, the song is about a confession of love through a song. “Having the courage to express it to your loved one like a modern-day “Harana.” It’s also a wordplay for “I am in love,” he added. In addition, JP describes himself as “a shy guy”, which is the exact opposite of JP that people see on stage. He often gets the impression of being “maangas” or (arrogant).

Press Play Hit MNLUC

He also explained that in terms of expressing his love, he finds it difficult to be vocal. Hence, he wrote a song to sing his heart out. Their track has inspired “Confess Your Crush” challenges on TikTok, where users confess who they’re crushing on to the music of “MNLUV” – proving the universal appeal of the track and its subject matter.

As always, PHP has a knack for crafting catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics, powerhouse vocals and slick harmonies. The track was influenced by K-pop groups such as Bigbang, IKON, Treasure, and Pinoy Hip-hop group Ex-Batallion.

If there’s one thing that Press Hit Play want you to take away from the track, it’s that we all have different languages when it comes to love, so for those who haven’t found the courage to speak up about their feeling about the person they like, PHP dedicates this song to you.

Love is a beautiful feeling, and we must celebrate and express it. Let’s not go crazy suppressing our feelings inside.

Released worldwide across all music platforms by the record label evosound, “MNLUV” is a must-listen for anyone who’s ever been in love or wants to be. So turn up the volume, sing along, and let the magic of Press Hit Play’s latest track sweep you off your feet.