Pinoy Idol Group Press Hit Play Are Non-stop Hitmakers With Release of Latest Track “Yuno”

As most successful artists will tell you, instead of taking the time-out to step back and marvel at your creations – keep the momentum going and the creative juices flowing, and simply keep at it… and you’ll find that the results will surprisingly be even bigger than you could ever have imagined.

Which is exactly the reason why Philippine P-Pop Idol group Press Hit Play is on an unstoppable trajectory to the top: they aren’t stopping in their tracks to smell the proverbial roses, but intensely bent on fulfilling both the vision and mission they have set-out to complete in the first place – to turn the local and international music scene around and elevate Filipino music, if not change the game totally when it comes to the definition of being a true P-Pop idol group.

press hit play

And the group’s latest single “Yuno,” further proves that theirs is a unit that is obviously making musical magic happen effortlessly; characterized by a vintage bounce n’ funk with an almost modern alternative-music-approved groove, flavored with modern hip-hop and dance music, the track is as infectious as ever, and takes listeners on a roller-coaster ride of catchy hooks, creative dynamics and a flare only Press Hit Play can deliver.

“Since high school, I’ve always been into R&B and pop-rock – very much how groups like the Jonas Brothers created their music,” chief song architect JP explains when asked about the genesis of the song. “So when I wrote this, I wanted to showcase the strengths of each of Press Hit Play’s members: because as much as we are a solid unit, we do have different creative styles when it comes to music so it makes perfect sense to create a song wherein listeners can sort of get a clear picture of the various influences we all have,” the songwriter shares.

When asked about the song’s lyricism and message, JP is quick to reveal: “Lyrically, I wanted to bring the listeners to my world: invite and show them how much fun this music is for me, for us – to let people enjoy life, dance and party since we all need that extra shot of positivity these days… ‘Yuno’ is actually a German term that loosely translates to being universal in appeal,” he explains, while CHRLS chimes-in on behalf of the group: “We’re very impressed and proud of what JP has accomplished with this track – before he was strictly writing in the OPM pop vein, but we were really amazed by “Yuno” because we saw him work hard at experimenting with different sounds in the more pop-rock vein, and it turned-out really amazing.”

And “amazing” is simply the best way to describe the single, which is now available on all digital music platforms and streaming sites via international music label evosound, wherein Press Hit Play is signed with a worldwide music deal. Both fans in and outside the genre can expect nothing less than the absolute best as the members (de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS) are showing no signs of slowing-down with their quest to dominate the local and international charts and – hopefully soon – the live stage game.

“With ‘Yuno,’ I can definitely see this track being a party anthem – be it in the most-happening clubs, or on huge stages in the concerts,” JP adds. “This is the song that’s going to signal the good times and get everyone in a good mood and partying again.”

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