Press Cafe: A Rising Cafe Hidden Inside A Bookstore

When in Manila, it is always a hunt to find the perfect cafe to work and study–a place where you can just focus without the annoying noises of a typical coffee shop and the distraction of bad food & slow service. That is what I DID NOT find in the comfort of Press Cafe, a cafe hidden inside a bookstore that serves delectable food and coffee. 


Press Cafe has three branches, in Alabang, Rockwell, and now in Greenhills. The man behind the cafe is also the owner of  one of the best bookstores in town, Fully  Booked, that is why it is safely tucked inside the store. 



 Press Cafe’s interiors


The interior may suggest that it is just one of those hipster cafes but it is so much more than that. It celebrates food, coffee, and books all in one place. There are books and magazines ready to be opened, coffee waiting to be drunk and food dying to be eaten. And as a writer, these are the three most important things in life. 



I’m also a fan of their al fresco area– hidden, quiet, and cozy.


The “hidden” location of Press Cafe may not be strategic to some business owners but it has served a lot of loyal patrons, thus there are a certain amount of people that come and go including a commendable list of regulars. I seem to like it that way because I can now call it a safe place for me to get work done while eating some delicious food.



Pumpkin Soup 125 Php



Mozarella Sticks 235 Php


These appetizers, especially the soup really got my palette going. The creamy squash consistence and the crunch of the crutons is a sensational pairing. The same goes with the gooey mozzarella and its crunchy exterior. I prefer eating the sticks on its own but the marinara sauce was also a tasty dip that I couldn’t ignore. 



Read on to know more about what I ate in Press Cafe!