President Duterte Distributes Cash Assistance to Victims of Davao Blast


President Rodrigo Duterte released cash assistance to the victims of the recent Davao blast.

According to a post of PTV, President Duterte distributed checks amounting to P250,000 to the families of those who died and those who sustained injuries that will prevent them from working for months or even years from now.

Meanwhile, checks amounting to P100,000 were given to other victims who have already recuperated from the injuries.

The post has a caption:

LOOK: President Rody Duterte distributes financial aid to victims of#DavaoBlast. Checks amounting to P250,000 were given to family of victims who died, victims who became disabled and unable to work for months or even years due to sustained injury. Those who have recuperated also got a check worth P100,000 from the president.

I via Joy Gumatay

The Davao blast happened on the night of September 2, Friday, at the Davao City night market. Fifteen people have died while 11 others were left disabled. At least 70 people sustained injuries at the blast with the 11 accounted for as sustaining injuries that “reduced them to disability”.

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