Preparing for the Summer: An Effective Weight Loss Process Minus the Sweat

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During these months, you’ll really feel that summer is right around the corner. Once again people are obsessed with losing weight—be it in the way of trying fad diets here and there, or trying the best work out that fits their lifestyle.

For people who would like to jumpstart their track to losing weight, there is an easier process you can you can try. It’s Marie France’s FMS treatment or Fat Mobilization System. It is a scientifically proven body wrap that helps you burn fat through thermogenesis. Wait! Thermo-WHAT? Basically, thermogenesis means to stimulate your body to produce more heat which, consequently, burns more calories.  Honestly, I was quite skeptic with this treatment at first. I’m a bit old school, and I believe that it is through healthy diet and exercise that you can actually shed those pounds. But hey, no harm in trying, right?

Given my old school frame of mind, I was very happy to experience that, in Marie France, they actually have a personal consultant that will attend to you and answer all your questions. Your consultant will also be the one to guide you in your weight loss journey.

Upon meeting my personal consultant, she was able to fully explain the process of FMS treatment and what it actually does to your body. FMS, as it turns out, is a wrap that will make you feel super cold, forcing your body to produce more heat, thus burning more calories. A single 25-minute session of FMS can actually burn up to 2,000 calories even while you’re lying down! Imagine how many hours that equates to if you’re running on the treadmill instead! After hearing all this, I suddenly was excited to try FMS and see for myself.

Marie France FMS treatment

The “magical” wraps that will help you melt your fat away!

Due to the extreme coldness of the wrap, they do it gradually. For first timers, they only do the wrap from your waist until your thighs. For the second session, it extends until the legs. It is only until you reach your fourth session will you be wrapped like a mummy! The number of sessions for the FMS treatment will vary depending on each individual’s need and weight.

I know what you’re thinking. If you can actually lose 2,000 calories in just 25 minutes, why not just stay in that cold wrap longer to lose even more? Sounds like a very simple and convenient way to lose weight, right? I thought so too! But believe me, those 25 minutes in the freezing cold wrap will feel like hours. I had to find things to distract myself with instead of just lying there waiting for time to pass.

For the first few minutes, I tried playing with my phone to keep my mind off the freezing cold, but that didn’t work. So I started working out inside my room instead.

I did squats, jumping jacks, and even jogged in place to feel warmer. In fairness, that regimen worked! It felt silly at first, but in reality, I loved how I got to work out without getting sweaty. And when it was time to take the wrap out, I had completed at least 100 jumping jacks and 100 squats. Not a bad work out at all!

Marie France FMS treatment

Didn’t I tell you, you would be mummified?!?

Finally, when they took the wrap off, they asked me if I exercised in the room. I was a bit shy to admit it at first, until the girl helping me remove the bandages confirmed that a lot of their patients actually exercise during their FMS treatment as well. Apparently, my bright idea wasn’t that original, but it was a relief to know I was not alone.

After the session, it is also best to exercise given that the effects of FMS will last for about 24 hours in your system.  Since I normally do crossfit two to three times a week, my personal consultant simply asked me to continue with my exercise.

Upon checking my weight after 4 sessions, when we measured fat vs. muscle, it was clear that the percentage of fat was decreasing (as they say muscle will always be heavier than fat). When I compared my weight with just doing crossfit, the fat loss was slower. However, when I did it simultaneously with FMS, the effects were definitely more visible.

All in all, I must say that my FMS treatment was effective especially when coupled with exercise and the right diet! I would recommend it to people who would like to jumpstart their road to fitness. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge for people to start shedding those pounds, and Marie France’s FMS treatment is clearly that nudge you have been waiting for!

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