Premier the Samgyupsal: This KBBQ Place Has 9 Meat Variants and 14 Side Dishes!

If there’s one thing that we didn’t let go back in 2018, it’s the KBBQ fad.

It’s already half a year into 2019, but people are still all over samgyeopsal – and who can blame us? The sight of meat being sizzled to perfection, the smell of KBBQ being roasted until it’s golden brown, and the mere thought of biting into its juicy tenders are enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

I personally haven’t tried many Korean barbeque restaurants, but I do enjoy them. Recently, I got to try Premier the Samgyupsal at Katipunan and I discovered some of their specialties that will keep me coming back for more: their aged meat and delicious assorted side dishes, for instance.

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If you’re an avid fan of samgyeopsal, you’ll definitely taste the quality difference of the meat served at Premier the Samgyupsal. It’s not as dry or as bland as you might expect—all because they make use of aged meat.

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Meat aging is the process of breaking down the meat’s fiber, which results in incredibly tender meat similar to the texture of premium steak.

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Due to the lengthy period needed to tenderize the meat thoroughly, it also develops a tastier profile, giving each bite deeper flavor and umami.

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That’s not all, either! The owners of this branch purposely select meat with abundant marbling, too. Marbling refers to the streaks of fats you see in the meat, which ensures a melt-in-your-mouth effect that most people love.

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There are nine meat variants at Premier the Samgyupsal.

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PremierTheSamgyupsal 25

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They have unlimited cheese, too!

At KBBQ joints, you get an unlimited serving of lettuce, kimchi, and potato marbles. However, Premier the Samgyupsap will spoil you with more than that.

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With a whopping number of 14 side dishes, you can enjoy your meat along with assorted appetizers until you drop. You can order the following: fish cake, pork yangneom, singkamas, Korean sausage, sweet cucumber, pink radish, potato marble, sweet potato, sweet onion, dubu jorim/tofu, spicy jang/quail egg, and aehobak muchim/zucchini.

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I tried each of the side dishes, and the pork yangneom is my favorite. You probably won’t find this elsewhere because the owners of this branch personally added this to their menu! These pork cuts doused in creamy sweet and spicy sauce are the absolute best! In fact, this could be considered as a main meat variant!

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These are just some of the things I love about Premier the Samgyupsal’s Katipunan branch, but you might also appreciate the fact that they only use fresh ingredients sourced from the best suppliers (e.g. their lettuce is guaranteed to be grown in Benguet!). The same goes for their other ingredients, as well.

The ambiance of the place helped us enjoy the restaurant even more. It’s brightly-lit unlike the usual dim KBBQ places. This branch is located at The Pop Up, a trendy food park located along Katipunan Avenue. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the cheery vibe of this branch makes it more enticing to eat at.

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I can only describe my experience and convince you with words, but let Premier the Samgyupsal at Katipunan do the talking. I am positive that you’ll say the same.

Premier the Samgyupsal

The Pop Up, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City