Predator Drops ZenPro from Their Roster of Streaming Partners

Predator Gaming has dropped ZenPro from their roster of streaming partners. In case you missed the news, ZenPro was under fire these past few days because of his callout for a video editor.

After listing a set of requirements, ZenPro stated that he would be paying said video editor 200 pesos per edited video to start and that this would increase to 300 to 500 pesos per video if he is satisfied with working with them. You may see screenshots of the job description here, though ZenPro has already taken down his original post:


ZenPro has since then taken down his post and has responded to the people who have been speaking up in a video, where he says that the job is actually pretty easy and that he could finish it himself in about half an hour. Watch part of his explanation here:


This didn’t sit well with some of his sponsors, though. In an official statement posted on their Facebook page yesterday, Predator Gaming said that they would like to clear its position following ZenPro’s statement on the issue of unfair compensation to freelance editors. Read their full statement here:


We love how Predator acknowledges the talented creatives who fight their battle to fair settlements. Don’t ever settle, guys! You deserve better! 🙂

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