Practically Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Your father may or may not express it but he’d love it if you make an effort to celebrate Father’s Day. Of course, fathers are not expecting us to throw a big party or something. You can make him happy even with simple Fathers day gifts. More often, mushy stuff is definitely out of the equation, so might as well give him something that will tickle his funny bone. Can’t think of anything to give him? Well here are some gift ideas that will lighten up his mood, if not make him guffaw for hours.


lies book fathers day gifts


1. For the Mischievous DadAlibi paraphernalia – Your dad sure has already got a few tricks up his sleeve but he’ll never know when these flash cards would come in handy. But if he really wants to play good cop, he can still read these for a good laugh. Just make sure the boss isn’t watching. (And don’t be surprised if you see your dad googling for the home version of this over the net lol)


toupee fathers day gifts


2.For the Golden-aged Dad Toupee – This is a recession-friendly way to ‘cover up’ your dad’s receding hairline. You can choose from a variety colors, just avoid anything neon. In seconds, he’ll have an instant makeover, from big ol’ grump to Donald Trump.


macho mugs fathers day gifts


3. For the Johnny Bravo-ish Dad Arnold mugs – named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the perfect peg for the machismo complex. Let him use this for his usual morning coffee. Best used while chanting, “Beer is evil, beer is evil…”


earplugs fathers day gift


4. For the Dynamite Dad – Ear plugs – This is the perfect solution if dads want to experience zen-like peacefulnes amid babies crying in the middle of the night and wives’ pre-apocalyptic nagging. “If only he could listen to me…” Look her in the eye and tell her, “You’re right. I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you blah,blah,blah”. Problem solved! Just keep a safe distance from your wife if you’re not yet ready for World War 3.


ball scratcher fathers day gifts


5. For the Clean-Freak, Boss Dad – Ball Scratcher –  For your dad’s exquisite taste, there is actually a tool they can use to scratch their “friends” down there. Funny how the tagline goes, “For the busy male executive”. Yes, they can be too busy to scratch ’em lol. Tell them they can steal a few “moments” under their desk. Watch out for CCTV cameras though lol. And one more thing, gift this if you’re a guy and you’re like friends with your dad. Otherwise, brace yourself for an awkward situation.


These are just some of the Father’s Day Gift Ideas you can consider buying. You can always go for other things if you can’t find anything here to your dad’s liking. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts.  To all the dads out there, When In Manila, or in any other country, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!