“Power Rangers” Receives R-18 Rating In Russia

There seems to be controversy with the Russians.

power rangers

After initially being granted a 16+ rating, the “Power Rangers” movie has been slapped with an 18+ rating in Russia, following pressure from legislator Vitaly Milonov after it was revealed that one of the characters, “Yellow Ranger” Trini, was a lesbian.

Milonov was responsible for being the proponent of a Russian law against “homosexual propaganda directed toward minors,” and it would seem ‘Power Rangers’ has breached the law after disclosing that the Yellow Ranger Trini, portrayed by Becky G, was in a same-sex relationship.

After receiving a 12A rating in Britain and PG-13 in the US, the Power Rangers film had initially been passed by the Russian censorship board allowing audiences from the age of 16 and over.  The change to the 18+ rating was only implemented on the day of release itself.

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