‘Pottermore’ Mystery Finally Unveiled!

To all Harry Potter fans out there, the long wait is over–well, almost. J.K. Rowling finally reveals the secret behind the highly-anticipated Pottermore website. But it won’t be fully operational until July 31 (Harry’s birthday).

Pottermore library (taken from official Pottermore Facebook page)

According to sources, Pottermore website will be the only venue where all the e-books of Harry Potter series will be available for download. (Still uncertain if it’s free or not but I will give an update on this asap). The website also features impressive graphics which will allows users to a virtual tour into Hogwarts, shop for wands at Diagon Alley, and travel to Hogwarts Express via the Platform 9 3/4s. online games, and more never-been-heard information about the books’ characters and settings. More like kid stuff, if I may say so but anyway.

The website will also serve as an interactive venue where Potter fans all over the world can commune in a “safe and friendly environment”.

Sony has partnered with the website to take the storytelling experience to greater heights. There are also reports that Warner Bros. plans to collaborate in the coming months.


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