Potterheads Begin to Pay Tribute of Flowers at Platform 9¾

It’s a sad day for all Potterheads all over the world as Alan Rickman passed away recently, succumbing to cancer. He was 69.

Tributes from his Harry Potter family, fellow artists, and fans have been pouring from social media.

One heartwarming tribute is the laying of flowers at Platform 9¾ (King’s Cross Station in London, England). Reddit user snorkl-the-dolphine posted the photo below as flowers are laid on said train platform.

For those who are not familiar with this reference, in the Harry Potter books and movies, students who are going to Hogwarts board the school train called The Hogwarts Express on Platform 9¾.

Alan Rickman Platform 9¾

There are just a few bouquets in this photo but possibly more are placed as more Potterheads learn about Rickman’s demise.

For a quick look back, here’s a clip of Rickman at Snape’s death scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2). Try not to shed a tear.

After David Bowie, now Alan Rickman? This is a sad, sad week.