Posh and Glam: A Swanky Beauty Salon in QC


Posh and Glam - Another Storefront View

A Memorable Beauty Salon Experience 


When in Manila, nothing beats a stress-filled week like salon therapy. So, together with my good friends (WIM writer and friend Paula, her +1, and work-from-home wife Julie), I spent an entire lazy afternoon in an exquisitely decorated, well-furnished beauty salon in Don Antonio Heights.  


 Posh and Glam 1st Floor

Hues of pink everywhere 


Upon entering this stylish beauty salon, I first noticed that there was a sweet, heavenly aroma that permeated the air. I felt really excited to check out all the available goodies on display on the first floor. Although a tomboy myself, I couldn’t help letting the girly décor, branded accessories and imported clothing sink in and make myself feel like a princess. 


Posh and Glam chiffon and cotton dresses and tops 

Posh and Glam, Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria's Secret products

A wide assortment of clothes, accessories, and skin care products 


Posh and Glam high heels and enamel pins

 More shoes and fancy ornaments 


Posh and Glam ring

Owl ring up close


After a while, we were ushered to the 2nd floor and we immediately loved the classy wallpaper, candy pink walls, well-padded armchairs, magenta pilllows, and the dividers hanging softly next to each chair. The entire room was made to make anyone feel like they’ve just entered Barbie’s glamorous playhouse!


 Posh and Glam area for manicure and pedicure

 Roomy and luxurious chair for a relaxing nail spa


Ethel Merioles, Julie Almanza-Victoria, Paula delos Reyes

The author, the housewife, and the senior-writer-slash-senior-SEO-officer 


We could not keep ourselves from spending a good twenty minutes or so lounging and chatting away as platefuls of sweet macaroons and freshly baked cinnamon rolls were served together with glasses of our choice of tea, lemonade, or water.


 Posh and Glam Beauty Salon's classy motif 


We were all asked to choose among four spa packages. After noticing that my hands and feet were desperately in need of a little pampering, I picked what Posh & Glam calls The Spoiled Diva. It is an affordable package that consisted of a hand and foot spa and a mani-pedi.


 Posh and Glam Socialite and Spoiled Diva Packages

Posh and Glam's High Socriety Spa Package

Posh and Glam’s exquisite spa packages are reasonably priced 

At Php 750, I expected a simple soak and scrub, but, boy, I was dead wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at how Posh & Glam indulged our senses. I personally didn’t think that I was in for a treat when I asked for The Spoiled Diva.


Being someone who’s conscious of the different ingredients I use on my body, I was thrilled to find out that Posh & Glam uses their own products and actually imports and packages the all-natural ingredients themselves. The scrubs used came in cute, little containers and smelled really good! 


Posh and Glam's Beauty Area 

The beauty salon’s hair and make up area 


Props for Proper Hygiene: Posh and Glam uses a sterilizing equipment


My hands were scrubbed with imported sea salt, olive oil and yogurt essence. 



Coated with organic moisturizing cream and wrapped in clear film

My feet were exposed to calming lemongrass and olive oil.


A pink bucket of warm goodness for your tootsies


My feet were washed prior to the foot soak



Then my hands and feet were slathered with a moisturizing concoction that made me feel like a true diva. 



A whimsical container of all-natural moisturizing delight 


When it was time for my mani-pedi, I chose Orly’s Pink Chocolate as my nail color.  



Makes it hard to choose!


Flatters all skin tones!

There you have it. I ultimately became the spa package I chose — A spoiled diva indeed (even for just a day). 

So when in Manila, don’t ever forget to treat your pretty little toes and dainty digits to something special. Visit the one-stop beauty salon in the Metro today! 

 Posh & Glam 

no.13J Holy Spirit Dr., Don Antonio Heights, Isidora Hills, QC.

visit their Multiply shop! 


 Posh and Glam: A Swanky Beauty Salon in QC


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