The Portal Bar: Dine with the Best of 80s Retro Pop Culture

The Portal Bar 12

Inihaw na Tuna Belly (Php320)

The Portal Bar’s Tuna Belly comes in something like a Teriyaki sauce glaze that adds a hint of sweetness to it. It has a tender mouthfeel, barely any bones (thank goodness!), and great flavor with the sour-salty soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce served on the side. The underrated star here, though, is their atchara—I have never tasted anything like it! It’s sweet shredded vegetables that pair well with cooked meats since it cuts through their rich flavors.

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Buttered Chicken (Php350)

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? These crispy bites are buttery, and the meat inside is tender. Remember to dip it in their homemade gravy—it’s the final touch that makes their chicken great!

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Sizzling Sisig (Php250)

Sisig is an essential to alcohol. The rich meaty flavors of their pork are accentuated with bites of onions and the spiciness of green and red chilis scattered in the mix. Their sisig is a good mix of crunchy bites with the occasional soft meats mixed in. Add a spritz of calamansi for a touch of acidity that completes the experience.

The Portal Bar 23

Crispy Pata (Php560)

The Portal Bar really outdid themselves with their Crispy Pata. Generous portions of tender meat that just slides off the bones paired with crunchy skin that’s seasoned just right? You definitely need to add this to your lineup. What’s more, it comes with their ever-famous atchara and soy sauce-vinegar dipping sauce! Good stuff that’s best enjoyed when freshly cooked.

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Bulalo Soup (Php350)

Soup is a quintessential part to every Filipino meal. The Portal Bar’s Beef Bulalo is heartwarming and rich with tender pieces of beef, crisp veggies, and corn mixed in the beef broth.

The Portal Bar 25

Bangus ala Pobre (Php240)

The Portal Bar’s bangus is not like any other. For one thing, the fish is thick and tender, unlike the thin and dry pieces of bangus that barely come with meat. Plus, it comes with a crisp skin that’s coated in a sweet-salty soy garlic sauce. Cooked to perfection, this hearty fish is a definite must-have that will fill everyone up nicely.

The Portal Bar 27

Banana Split (Php250)

End your meal on a sweet note with The Portal Bar’s Banana Split. Slices of ripe bananas are placed on either side of large cheese ice cream scoops. Whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a drizzle of chocolate syrup complete the look, along with a stick of your childhood favorite: chocolate Sticko!

The Portal Bar 29

Combo Banana (Php155)

If you’re in the mood for fried food for dessert, the Turones of The Portal Bar is your best bet. These tiny bites of bananas are wrapped in a spring roll wrapper before being deep-fried to a nice golden brown. Atop these artfully arranged rolls is yet another large scoop of cheese ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and Sticko.

While The Portal Bar is more of a chill hangout spot for 80s kids, Titos and Titas alike; it can be fun in there, too! They’re the only bar in the area with a DJ, and they also have game nights and play basketball games on their TV. Whether you’re drinking with friends or cheering for your team, The Portal Bar is a fun place to release your inner child.

The Portal Bar

Royal Place Mall Don Antoñio Drive Matandaang Balara Quezon City


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