Popular Maginhawa Food Spot Allegedly Discourages Customers On Bikes

There are several benefits to riding bikes around the city — aside from helping reduce pollution, the presence of bikes helps in alleviating traffic, aids in urban development, and even provides exercise to those that use them.

Still, the issue of providing bike-friendly lanes and the overall safety of cyclists in Metro Manila and around the country is something that is hotly debated, and a relatively foreign concept to the majority of us car-loving folk. And though the number of people choosing to get around on bikes is increasing, some establishments have yet to warm up to the idea of it being a normal mode of transportation, which can result in some unfortunate situations.

Netizen Robert Quebral posted about an experience his friend, a cyclist, experienced as he tried to visit one of the popular food spots in Maginhawa, Teachers Village, Quezon City. After being discouraged to park his bike inside the premises as there were no parking spaces available, he was simply instructed by the guard to park his bike beside the gutter or a tree, as the guard even allegedly told him that “Sagot ko ang bike mo”, alluding to the common misconception that all bikes are cheap and afforded only by those who cannot avail a pricier vehicle.

Streat Maginhawa turns away bikers Streat Maginhawa turns away bikers 2

You may read the entire post below:

This food square called ONE FIFTY along Maginhawa doesn’t have parking space for cars to begin with and yet they discourage folks coming over with their bikes. Why?

They would not allow bikes inside their premises and I didn’t see any proper bike stand installed either. Instead, you have to leave your valuable bike along the gutter or behind a tree.

A cyclist friend of mine confronted the guard and asked for the owner who was not around at that time. We wanted to explain that bikes are not junks that can compromise the visual effect of the place. Bikes are wonderful to look at and can even enhance the vibe of the square. They aren’t cheap too and can easily be taken away when left unattended.

The guard argued “sagot ko yang bike nyo” then I said to him “babayaran mo ng 150K yan pag nawala? He turned away and probably realized that people on bikes are not low class ass unworthy of the place. The guard is likely misinformed but clearly he was following orders from above.

And because of this it’s not hard for me to ask friends of mine, especially bikers, to boycott this place until they change their policy on bikes.

I heard that a similar square called Streat at the other side of Maginhawa has the same attitude towards bikers.

Maginhawa is one of the best places to ride your bike while looking for a place to eat. Don’t spoil it please.

Whatever the case, we are hoping that establishments become more welcoming to those who prefer getting around the city on bikes.

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