Popular Department Store Sells Another “Inappropriate” Statement Shirt

A massive department store chain that was involved several months ago in an incident of having an inappropriate statement sweatshirt in store saying, “It’s Not Rape, It’s A Snuggle With A Struggle” is involved once again in a similar incident and is gaining criticisms online because of this shirt below.


The netizen who posted it captioned it with, “Wow, this is irresponsible and inappropriate. Spotted in the Boys Teens’ section ‪#‎smstore‬ ‪#‎smdepartmentstore‬.”

The shirt is printed with the statement, “I promise I’ll pull out.”

One comment said, “Yes, what you’re saying has a point and I agree with teaching young people responsibility. But to me, this just looks/sounds like as a douchebag shirt for boys.”

Inappropriate_Statement_Shirt (2)

Another comment said, “SM has a lot of these, tshirts with crude messages, they don’t really care, even if they’re supposedly a family-oriented establishment.”

Inappropriate_Statement_Shirt (3)

Another one said, “Apart from the douchey tone, it ultimately makes light of a method that isn’t really foolproof. It doesn’t just reflect douchey attitudes, it also reflects ignorance.”

Inappropriate_Statement_Shirt (4)

According to GMA News, the netizen who posted it told them that she saw the shirt at the Boy Teen’s section of the SM Store in SM Taytay.

Last time this has happened with SM, they immediately removed the sweatshirt from their stores.


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