Poppyluca: Because Doggies Deserve to be Stylish, Too!

I’m a relatively new fur momma. And as I was with my daughter when she was born, it was in my nature to search for nothing but the best for my puppy. When it came to looking for collars and leashes, though, I had no idea where to begin. I had already purchased a leash and collar at a pet store, but I wasn’t satisfied with it because it didn’t seem durable and it looked pretty boring (sorry, I’m a little kikay).

So, when my boyfriend sent me the link to Poppyluca, you can just imagine how ecstatic I was. Because, I mean, come on… check out these adorable photos of dogs wearing their merch:

Poppyluca 5

Poppyluca 2

Poppyluca was created out of a passion and love for dogs. The owners believe that dogs deserve the best of the best (exactly what I was looking for!) and so, they wanted to give them good quality, well-crafted stylish accessories that are timeless.

Poppyluca also believes that all dogs deserve to look great and in style – just like their owners! That’s why they created specifically crafted and thoughtfully made dog accessories. They’ve got collars and leashes, as well as adorable scarves that make dogs look extra stylish!

Poppyluca 3
Poppyluca 1

Poppyluca 4

The minute you visit Poppyluca, you will see right from the start that their items are different. They are unique and special as everything is thoughtfully designed to be both stylish and functional. “We make sure that every detail that goes into our products are well thought of and well put together,” they reassured.

Not that I needed reassuring. For the first time in my fairly new fur momma life, I don’t have to worry about my puppy slipping out of his leash or his leash slipping out of my hands. Poppyluca’s items are sturdy and reliable – tried and tested! Plus, they’re super cute!

Got a new puppy! ???? Kidding. Finally got Bucky groomed. Such a big boy na! ????

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If you’re in need of new pet accessories, make sure to check out Poppyluca and give him or her a snazzy new look!

Photos from Poppyluca.





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