Popcafe by Kettle Korn: Say Hello to the First Popcorn Cafe in the Philippines!

Love popcorn? Well, the first popcorn cafe in the Philippines has just opened in SM Fairview!

At Popcafe by Kettle Korn, popcorn is reinvented as a well-loved finger food. Its one-of-a-kind popcorn treats are definitely a unique experience. They basically present popcorn as a cross between a science experiment and a delectable treat through the help of liquid nitrogen technology!

Popcafe by Kettle Korn 2

Popcafe by Kettle Korn offers a signature sweet fix called the Nitro Popstix, which provides freshly cooked popcorn handcrafted into a ball and served on a stick. It is topped with choice ingredients, drizzled with chocolate sauce and dipped in nitro, so smoke comes out of your mouth (and nose) while you enjoy eating it. So much fun!

Popcafe by Kettle Korn 1

Popcafe by Kettle Korn also ups the ante by giving basic sweet and savory popcorn flavors a tongue-tickling twist compared to what is typically offered in the cinemas. They even have light and healthy popcorn flavors for those who are watching their weight. On that note: did you know that popcorn is actually a whole-grain snack that’s good for you?

There are actually a lot of different flavors available at Popcafe by Kettle Korn, so you can find one to suit the craving that you might have when you get there. There’s Caramel Green Apple, The Elvis, Smores, Green Mango and Oreo – each paired and balled with the best matching popcorn flavor called Popstix. You can even get creative and drizzle it with their white or dark chocolate if you want.

Popcafe by Kettle Korn Green Mango


So, to all the popcorn lovers out there, visit Popcafe and enjoy, experience and indulge in popcorn in ways beyond the usual. They also have an open kitchen where you can watch your favorite snack is made. At Popcafe, they guarantee that your popcorn is always made fresh and popped to perfection because of their small-batch cooking, so you can enjoy it at its best.

Popcafe is the latest offering from Kettle Korn, the leading brand in popcorn which has been in the popping business for almost three decades now.

All photos from Popcafe’s Facebook page.

Popcafe by Kettle Korn



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