Policemen Leaving Their Comfort Zones, Sleeping In Carparks: All A Sacrifice to Ensure Public Safety

Amidst news of corrupt policemen and wasted taxes, we sometimes forget that there are still those in our police force who are honest and willing officers. One netizen’s post reminds us of this fact.

Facebook user Phongsky Phong posted a photo of policemen allegedly sleeping in a car park in the name of public service. We’re not exactly sure what is going on in the photo (why they were in the carpark) nor has the authenticity of said photo been confirmed but the sentiment is there. Phongsky Phong, who seems to be a member of the police force (based on his Facebook profile), tells people:

“But despite all those issues and controversies thrown to us, there are still many Pinoy cops ready to render service and are righteous..”

police sacrifice

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