Pole Dancer Wows at Pilipinas Got Talent Auditions

Everyone is talking about Celine Venayo right now – and it’s really no surprise. In case you haven’t heard her name yet, Celine Venayo from Paranaque City recently auditioned for Pilipinas Got Talent. Her talent? Pole dancing (to the evident joy of Robin Padilla :p).

This hits really close to home for me because I started pole dancing last week and I know how hard it is to try and do poses on a pole, let alone do what she does. “What she does” is really hard to explain, so just watch her stunning performance here in case you missed it:

Again, pole dancing is no easy feat. I’ve got bruises, wounds and scars to prove it, so I applaud Celine to no end! Amazing job, woman! And to think, she’s only 19 and has only been pole dancing for a year. Plus, her pole wasn’t even fixed to the ceiling!!!

Celine shares that she started pole dancing because she used to be overweight. She says she now has more self-confidence and it really shows in her performance. I really wish her the best and hope she goes far in the competition. 🙂

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