Polaroid 360: A Travel Blogger’s Ultimate Best Friend

At this day and age, it’s very important that we document special moments in our lives. And with everyone watching our every move on social media, it’s just fitting that we find the perfect gadgets to accompany us in our adventures. Aside from the usual camera, more and more travelers are expanding their gadget must-haves like drones, action cameras and now with 360 cameras.

Polaroid’s 360 Dual Lens VR camera is our latest discovery and it has been very handy for our travels and other adventures.

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The box has the manuals, unit, charging cable and a fabric bag where you can store it.

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The unit is actually pretty small that it’s easy to bring around when you are traveling. You don’t have to worry about excess baggage and it can actually fit in your bag’s small pockets or even inside your shorts or hoody.

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The product is pretty simple to use and the buttons on the unit are easy to understand. On the front is the power button along with the iconic Polaroid Logo and on the side is the light indicators and microphone. Underneath is the MicroSD card slot so you can save your photos and videos.

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The 360 Dual Lens VR Camera can take both photos and videos. It has 210° Dual fisheye lens, 2 x 360° shooting, and no dead angles By adopting 210° dual fisheye lens. It can also shoot both horizontally and vertically. If 360 is not enough, it can also take 720° Panoramic Spherical viewing.

Since the camera doesn’t have its own screen, you have to download the Polaroid360Cam app so you can view photos from your mobile phone. You can also edit your photos from there!

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If you think 360 can only get those fisheye type photos that your friends take with their clip-on mobile cameras, think again. This 360 has 4 modes: Planet mode, Wide angle mode, Spherical mode, and VR mode. You can see some beautiful sample photos below:



Photos from Polaroid’s Website

If you want to step up your 360 photos, you can also purchase a waterproof casing to match your 360 camera. This makes perfect underwater photos!

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Your travels got a little more interesting with the Polaroid 360 Dual Lens VR Camera!

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