Pokemon Parade: Pikachu and Eevee Outbreaks in Yokohama, Japan

Growing up in the Philippines, watching Pokemon has been a huge part of my childhood. So, it was perfect timing that I was traveling in Japan when the annual Pokemon Parade was held in Yokohama, Japan.

I just couldn’t miss it!

This year’s parade had Pikachu and Eevee mascots marching and dancing in the streets. It was the first time that Eevee mascots will be joining the parade. The past years, only Pikachu mascots were present. It was a one-week event that was held from August 10 to 16.

I came from Tokyo on that after of August 14. I boarded a train in Tokyo and Yokohama was an hour ride. There were two stops that were near the event – Minato Mirai Station (Minato Mirai Line) or the Sakuragicho Station (JR/Municipal Subway).

When I arrived in Yokohama, there were already a lot of things happening. Actually, when you go there, it is likely that there are simultaneous events in different areas in Minato Mirai.

I was able to witness the Eevee Parade at the Shinko Chuo Hiroba (near the Red Brick Warehouse).

Super cute!

Then, I ran to the Minato Mirai Bay Area to see the Pikachu mascots!

Tips for when you go:

  • The parades can be canceled at any time to ensure the safety of the participants and the viewers. Therefore, it is important that you check ahead of time in case there are cancelations. When I was there, one of the Pikachu parades was canceled due to safety concerns. Still, there were some events that I was able to see.
  • The area can be crowded so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You might also need to do a lot of walking and standing so wearing comfortable shoes can help a lot.
  • Since the parade is usually held during summer, bring a towel, umbrella, fan, and water bottle. You can also bring some snacks since if you are in the venue already, you might find it difficult to go out and eat.

So, see you again next year, maybe?