Pokemon Cakes and Macarons: Gotta Try ‘Em All!

Written by Geraldine Grace Hoggang (@geraldinegracehoggang)

For Pokemon fans out there, these sweets are sure to take you to a trip back to your childhood along with some of your favorite First Generation Pokemons. Boulangerie22 brings nostalgia as they have offer new sweets in their menu—three Pokemon cakes and a set of Pokemon macarons.

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Boulangerie 22 Cakes and Macarons

Fun fact: the designs for these Pokemon sweets Boulangerie22 offers were approved by the Pokemon creators themselves, which is why they are a perfect copy of the Pokemon we see in the games and shows. Talk about authentic Pokemon treat!

Pikachu Chocolate Cake

Probably the favorite and the most famous Pokemon, Pikcahu as a chocolate cake won’t disappoint as well. This chocolate chiffon with chocolate fudge and chocolate chips would be the choice for all chocolate lovers AND Pikachu lovers out there. This Php 699 treat tastes like your usual chocolate go-to sweets, presented in Pikachu’s sweet demeanor.

Boulangerie Pikachu 1

Boulangerie Pikachu 2

Snorlax Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Snorlax looks as round as ever as the last time I watched him on the Pokemon anime. This cake is chocolate chiffon with chocolate chips like Pikachu but what makes Snorlax stand out is its peanut butter buttercream. It has that chocolate-y and butter-y taste which resembles the Reese’s Candy Bar. At Php 799, you could experience this peanut butter and chocolate combination which really explodes in your mouth!

Boulangerie Snorlax 1

Boulangerie Snorlax 2

Jigglypuff Strawberry Cake

Jigglypuff is a cute pokemon and even as a cake, this Pokemon remains to still have its charms! This cake is made up of vanilla chiffon with real strawberries in strawberry buttercream. Sounds too sweet right? What I actually love about this cake, aside from the fact that I love Jigglypuff, is that its sweetness is just right to the point that you could actually pig out on this and you won’t get tired of the taste! And it’s also Php 699.

Boulangerie Jigglypuff 1

Boulangerie Jigglypuff 2

Pokemon Macarons

For Php 195, you could have a collection of five assorted Pokemons. Imagine delicate and sweet buttercream French macaron goodness with Pokemon printed designs–foodgasm and nostalgia at the same time!

Boulangerie Pokemon Macarons

Boulangerie Macarons

It always is heartbreaking to eat beautifully designed cakes and macarons, but we could always come back to catch more of these Pokemons again!




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