Poke Bowls: A Fun and Healthy Alternative to Fast food

The famous Hawaiian dish, Poke, has been making its way from city to city – people from New York to Singapore are simply getting hooked! It tastes really good, it’s healthy, it will surely keep you full, and it’s Instagram-worthy. What more could you ask for? If you’ve gotten your hands on a bowl of Poke, then you must agree with me!

But first, what is Poke and why is it making a huge breakthrough around the world? Almost every major city across the world has its own thriving “poke culture” with cities and restaurants crafting their own personal and regional spin on the Hawaiian favorite. And in the age of social media, it was only a matter of time before the poke bowl won the hearts and mouths of Filipino foodies.

Well, if you haven’t tasted one, then this is the perfect chance for you to try Poke Poke! Poke Poke began as the collective brainchild of a group of friends that included business couple, Speedy and Alta Lyttle, and well-known executive chef, Kel Zaguirre; the firestarters of the famous Filipino restaurant, Locavore. Together, the group explored the creative and fiscal capabilities of the dish and began to tailor poke to suit the Filipino palate.

Aside from being a healthy alternative to fast food, it’s also “a new and exciting home-grown concept that offers healthy and super delicious food”, says Chef Kel Zaguirre. “We offer cuts of fresh seafood that has been marinated, topped with different kinds of vegetables, pickles, fruits, and nuts over rice or quinoa.”

Poke Poke offers diners a playful take on Poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish made from marinated cuts of fresh seafood. As a healthy and flavourful alternative to fast food, Poke Poke is highly regarded for its signature bowls such as the Basic, Samurai, and For the Rich Only, which marries traditional fare with flavors Filipinos know and love.

The first branch opened late last year at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City. The restaurant developed a loyal following that two more branches opened shortly after in SM Aura, at Bonifacio Global City, and 8 Missouri, in Greenhills, San Juan. The leading Hawaiian/Asian Fusion fast food restaurant in Metro Manila opened its fourth branch last Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, at SM Megamall in Ortigas.

Poke Poke’s brand of healthy and flavorful Poke bowls will be more accessible to diners all across Metro Manila. “With the rising trend in health and fitness, mall-goers are always intrigued by what’s new”, co-owners Speedy and Alta Lyttle added. “But I also think that the quality and taste of our food will be what they come back for! Give us a chance to feed you and it will speak for itself.”

At an age marked by constant discovery via social media, poke’s increasing popularity represents today’s consumer: fast and health-conscious, with a worldly outlook that craves constant discovery and the privilege to share new discoveries with the uninitiated.

The rise of poke is not a trend. It is a glimpse into the culinary habits of generations to come.


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