3 Pocket-Sized and Adorable Powerbanks You Can Bring Everywhere

Powerbanks are such lifesavers! It’s hard to imagine going out without one, especially on long trips. They’re portable and easy to carry, making them convenient companions.

For light packers, however, even smaller power banks that slip easily into a pocket or pouch might be a better option. If you’re looking for tiny but mighty powerbanks, we rounded up some compact and cute ones you can get online!

Romoss Mini Portable Powerbank

As small as lipstick, this power bank from Romoss is perfect for all adventures! You can easily slip it into your makeup pouch or mini sling bag or even use it as a keychain!

Romoss powerbank

Photo: Shopee

It features a 5000mAh capacity, a built-in cord that can be converted to a handle, and a stand. Since it is equipped with an iPhone interface, you can charge your phone directly and hassle-free. The pretty colors suit your style as well! BUY IT HERE!

Orashare Super Mini Powerbank 

This adorable cube powerbank from Orashare will definitely make your travels easier. You’d also love to bring this to concerts, as you can simply put it in your pocket!

Orashare powerbank

Photo: Shopee

With a 10000mAh capacity, it ensures you stay connected anywhere and anytime. It comes with type C And built-in dual cable output that lets you charge three devices simultaneously and quickly. You can track the remaining power through the LED display for added convenience. BUY IT HERE!

We Bare Bears Fast Charging Portable Powerbank

Look how cute this We Bare Bears-designed fast charging powerbank is! You can power up your devices in a short period of time, so this is a great choice if you’re always in a hurry.

We Bare Bears powerbank

Photo: Shopee

It boasts a 20000mAh capacity and lightweight yet durable design, suitable for indoor and outdoor adventures. There are also various designs and colors to choose from! BUY IT HERE!

With these compact powerbank options, your life would be easier! Which of them will you get?

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