PNP Speeds Up CCTV Installations In Metro Manila


With all the crimes and assaults that have been happening left and right in the metro, maybe this will help solve the problem!

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has apparently been meeting with different government and non-government agencies to speed up the installation of more CCTV cameras all over Metro Manila, especially in crime-heavy areas.

According to the Philippine Star, the project was initiated by DILG Secretary Mar Roxas in an effort to stop the growing crime incidents in the metro, especially in crime prone areas, and to maximize the effectiveness of the Oplan “Lambat/Sibat” crime drive.

The report also says that the CCTVs will have a direct link to the nearest police stations where police officers could easily monitor and capture all the incidents in the areas, through the Internet Protocol Radio.

The PNP is looking to complete the installation project by April 2015.

Hopefully this will lead to more resolved cases and reduced crime incidents!

What do you think of the PNP speeding up the CCTV installations in Metro Manila? Do you think this will help solve crime incidents?