PNoy’s APEC Dinner Toast: When a Filipino is about to have a meal, he shares what little food he might have even to complete strangers…

PNoy's APEC Dinner Toast

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On Wednesday, November 18, the APEC 2015 Summit welcome dinner was held. His Excellency, President Benigno Aquino Jr. (PNoy) delivered a toast to welcome all the heads of the states and guests.

In his toast, he expressed his gratitude for the great start of the two-day forum. He emphasized that the dinner will not be an avenue to discuss more policies and statistics, but it will be a place to build and strengthen friendships.

He also mentioned that the dinner is a place to let the guests learn more about our Filipino culture through food, songs, and dance so they will understand more why “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

A great point on his toast is when he said:

When a Filipino is about to have a meal, he is always compelled to share what little food he might have with anyone around, even if they are complete strangers. He does this by saying, in our language, “Kain tayo,” or “Let’s eat.” And he will not begin to eat until the offer has been accepted, or kindly refused.

It is true though that when it comes to having a meal, we try to share what little we have to almost anyone. When we have guests at home, we always offer them something to eat even if we have just enough or even if it’s not even time to eat. It is a good gesture to show Filipino hospitality and generosity.

To read his full APEC 2015 welcome dinner toast, find it here.

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