PNoy Urges Pacquiao to Retire

PNoy Urges Pacquiao to Retire

After Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Floyd Mayweather at the “fight of the century,” Philippine president Benigno Aquino urged the People’s Champ to consider retirement.

This was after a courtesy call made by Pacquiao at Malacanang Palace, where he told the president that he will be resting to fully recover from the shoulder injury he sustained even before his fight with Mayweather.

PNoy said that Pacquiao should retire to avoid permanent injuries. He also said that the boxer has already given the country honor on the world stage.

The president cited the case of Muhammad Ali, who has health problems.

He then urged Pacquiao’s fans and loved ones to urge him to retire for the sake of his family.

If we will push him (and say) that ‘No, there should be a rematch,’ ‘No, you have to take a gamble again,’ I think we will not be showing debt of gratitude to the person.

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