Playboy Magazine Will No Longer Feature Naked Women

Ever been caught red-handed with a Playboy magazine? Well, now people have no choice but to believe you when you tell them “I read it for the articles”.


That’s right: Playboy Magazine, the classic publication founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, is taking out all female nude photography from its pages.

Why the dramatic decision to remove what made Playboy so distinguishable in the first place? According to reports, this is apparently a reaction to the accessibility of online pornography– that naked photos of women have now become “passé”.

Playboy Magazine has been known for mixing top-notch writing and risqué images– throughout the decades, the magazine has published fiction from writers such as the famous Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ian Fleming and Raymond Carter. The shift in direction is also reportedly done as an effort to target urban male millennials, and that this may also help boost the magazine’s other features.

A step towards a new age, perhaps?

What do you think of this?