Plantronics Explorer 500: The Joy of Working Hands-Free (and More)

The convenience of having a teeny tiny gadget in your ear all day that helps you take calls is remarkable.

For someone who works from home, the Plantronics Explorer 500 has been a great help in terms of both convenience and ease of use.

In a nutshell, the Plantronics Explorer 500 is a Bluetooth device that you can easily clip onto your ears either as is or with its optional clip-on ear loop, so you can take calls with ease as you work during the day. It also comes with a USB charging strap, so that you can hang it onto your bags or even your belt loop when it isn’t in use.


You can spend 7 hours on the phone with the Plantronics Explorer 500, so you can use it when calling your loved ones overseas ad keep conversations going without having to stop typing (provided typing is part of your job’s equation, as it is for me.¬†Thanks to the dual-mic noise reduction feature, you’ll love the quality of this device, as well.


The beauty of the Plantronics Explorer 500, I have come to find, though, is that it’s not just handy for work.

You can also use it to listen to music, control Siri and Google Now, and if you transcribe things on the Internet, use it for transcription purposes. With a push of a button, you can easily activate voice-dialing, search, and other smartphone voice controls. You can even control the music through the buttons on the device.


It also comes with a power-saving DeepSleep mode, so you can save battery power when the device is out of range from your phone. This also means that you won’t have to charge it as often. Pretty cool, huh? Check them out at and get your very own! They’re worth it, especially for workaholics like me.

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